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Tips To Gaining More Instagram Likes For Your Business Website

When you see or hear Instagram, you may not immediately think of it as a means to level up your business marketing. After all, what’s a social media platform like Instagram got to do with making your brand shine, right?

Interestingly, your Instagram account can actually put you on a competitive edge against your peers. In fact, if you get enough likes on enough images, you may propel yourself to relevance in your niche. How, though?

It might help to remember a few statistics first. Did you know that Instagram actually hit its 1-billion user count last June 2018, with 80-percent of its users actually coming from outside the United States? That means there’s always a 20-percent chance of someone outside your country liking your Instagram post.

If you ever want to expand your demographic, Instagram is the place to be – after all, 59-percent of users in the United States alone are below 30, with 63-percent of those 13 to 17 actually using the medium daily. If you want to level up your social media game, Instagram is a good choice too, being used in conjunction with Pinterest and Facebook by a lot of users.

Tapping Into Instagram For Your Site: How Do You Get Likes?

With the numbers above, it’s important to understand that Instagram – as well as your other social media platforms – play quite the integral role in establishing both your relevance and creativity in your niche. Aside from your blogs, Instagram can provide a unique graphical and visual perspective towards your brand’s voice, which can be both attractive and appealing to your audiences. Just how exactly can you tap into your skills and resources to get more Instagram likes and followers?

Purchase your likes for the assistance:

If you have the resources for it, you can actually try gaining Instagram likes by purchasing them. This is a good opportunity for you to jumpstart your brand into gaining relevance in the social media landscape, as it allows you to tap into likes you can buy while you formulate better strategies to gain organic likes. Don’t do this all the time, though, as you need to make sure your brand is also capable of holding its own in generating organic likes and followers.

Build an atmosphere of relevance, communication first:

If you want your followers and non-followers to pay closer attention to your images and graphics, it might help to build your brand in Instagram with an atmosphere of relevance and engagement. Make sure you comment on posts of people in your niche, client or otherwise. Engage with your fans in your own posts, and make sure you try your best to make fans feel relevant in your feed. This at least encourages them to like your posts because it’s important to them. Tag your fans and the relevant hashtags involved in their feeds.

Tap into trends and hip hashtags:

Hashtags are an essential part of the Instagram experience, as this essentially “sorts” the site’s images into various categories. You can think of crazy and wild hashtags to accompany your images, but make sure you use those that matter to your audience the most. Pairing your images with hashtags of trends and current events can shoot your site up to popularity among fans.

Use captions with a bit of flair:

When you add captions to your Instagram posts, you’re likely going to want to appeal to your audiences. Using hashtags and tagging popular users can be a good thing to do, but you can amp up your game by actually integrating hashtags into your caption instead of adding them at the end. For instance, you can do “We’re doing the #trend with @user!” so you can seamlessly integrate the hashtag with your caption without having to interrupt users with a barrage of hashtags at the end.

Be consistent with your themes:

If you’re planning to use Instagram to propel your brand, make sure you have a consistent theme in mind. Try as much as possible to make sure your Instagram theme is consistent with your overall branding, so people can easily identify your “presence” when they see your photos. This is crucial especially if you want to tap into a specific audience base, and especially if you want to appeal to a large demographic via your hashtags.

Make sure you connect to your other social media platforms as well:

Instagram, like other social media platforms, are best used together. Connect your Instagram with platforms such as Twitter and Facebook so you can maximize your reach across all three platforms.

This is because it’s very likely that a lot of your fans, prospects, leads, and customers are in both Instagram and the other networks. This also means it’s also likely that you’re not reaching your maximum potential by just posting on Instagram alone. Make sure your feed is easily accessible to those in your other networks so they can easily reach you.

The Takeaway: The Power Of Instagram Likes

When you want to level up your marketing game, it’s important to understand that using all the tools in your disposal – and to use them properly – is essential in maintaining a competitive edge against your peers. If you want to up the ante in your Instagram game, it’s essential to understand having a good feed and a healthy amount of likes and followers can definitely establish your credibility and relevance in the niche. Using the tips above, you can definitely get yourself more likes for your Instagram profile, and you can hopefully establish Instagram supremacy in your industry.

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