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Best 8 Tips for Developing Successful Android App

The Google Play Store currently has over 3.04 million apps available, and that number is growing. It goes without saying that now is an excellent time to learn some of the latest Android development tips from the world’s most illustrious Android developers.

The little green robot has proven to be the best buddy to end-users and developers alike since its first commercial release in 2008. The diverse user base, unpredictably changing hardware, and an increasingly increasing developer community, on the other hand, keep Android developers on their toes, constantly looking for new and creative ways to improve their products.

As a result, as you continue to ponder the “Next Big Thing,” we’ve compiled a list of the best Android application development tips for you to consider for a smooth development experience.

Think of a Good Name

Developers leave naming an application until the very last minute, believing that it is something that can be dealt with once the actual application creation is completed. This could jeopardize an application’s reputation among its users. As a result, it’s best to choose a name ahead of time, study its significance and effect, and, most importantly, reserve it to avoid any confusion.

Learn about VR, AI, and AR

Getting a handle on these emerging innovations will help you stay ahead of the curve. A wide range of users are looking forward to harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) with the launch of Google Duplex and ARCore (VR). It’s past time for you to spend time learning these skills if you want to remain relevant.

Know Your Audience and Platform

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time on the platform in the months ahead of app production, it should become your new best friend. Find out everything you can about it. Learn how it handles memory management, component lifecycles, concurrency, and other problems.

Android has now snatched up the lion’s share of the mobile market. Knowing what popular Android applications are growing in the market, as well as what made these apps popular in the first place, will help you move up your game. It’s important to keep up with and consider what’s going on in the Android industry. The fierce rivalry between iOS and Android has resulted in rapid technological advancements; here are some Android vs iOS game market stats to help you better understand the market for these two software platforms check out here best recruitment agency in mumbai.

Develop what a client specifically requested, not what you think he could need. Clients should be actively involved, and you should listen to what they have to say. It’s possible that you have a much better solution to a problem they’re trying to solve than they do, but it’s not your job. Often recommend rather than impose, and plan according to the client’s preferences.

Research and Ask Questions

You can hear more if you ask questions. GitHub, StackOverflow, Reddit, Quora, and other similar sites will act as a window into the Android development environment. When it’s not always possible to be in close proximity to other developers, these groups will help you keep in touch. You can get answers to your questions, learn new skills, and even assist other developers.

Even before you write a single line of code, research should be at the top of your to-do list. The significance of comprehending the desires of the end-user cannot be overstated. Consider customer suggestions and strive to change the current design. Android’s continued adoption in response to consumer needs is the reason it remains at the top of the game. Google Play Store reviews are a valuable feedback metric for gaining insights into what functionality to push in upcoming application updates.

The output of an Android application is everything. see this website for hire best-dedicated developers so that you get the best results. The. longevity of your software in a user’s phone can be determined by its success rather than anything else after it has been downloaded. It should be your mission as a developer to learn and apply the best available techniques in order to achieve high efficiency.

Plan about Architecture

The long and difficult hours of coding also cause developers to be careless with the code’s upkeep. They continue to add Activities or Fragments until the code becomes a massive code beast. It takes a lot of effort to manage and verify this. As a result, choose and implement a tidy architecture. MVP and Redux, for example, will assist you with architectural control.

Find the Right Amount of Creativity

Android users need an application that is simple to use and that allows them to enjoy their time with it. User retention is poor due to an overly complex UI/UX architecture. Material Design has a very particular purpose. This detailed collection of design guidelines for Android developers has been meticulously prepared by Google. Maintain a clean, convenient, and easy-to-understand application interface.

Finally, the UI/UX architecture of an application determines whether or not it is user-friendly. An Android developer may choose to restrict himself or herself to coding or actively participate in the design process in order to really comprehend how a piece of code affects how users feel and experience the app.

Have a Playground Project

It never hurts to have a different point of view. When you’re feeling stressed or bored with your serious project, having a light playground project on hand will help you turn gears. In addition, by acting as a test patch for learning new ideas, this playground project will help you develop a much deeper understanding of concepts.

Examine the Hardware Options

To ensure that they produce a stable and high-performing application, Android game or app developers tend to develop and test on higher-end computers. Hardware diversity, on the other hand, must be carefully handled. Any new features must now be checked on both a high-end and a low-end computer. Since who knows what screen size or resolution will be dropped next, it will ensure wide operability on a wide variety of devices.


You can either reinvent the wheel or use the tips and tricks in this guide to avoid making the most common Android development mistakes. Android developers are adept at using cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge Android development software; hire dedicated developers for the job. They strive to have an exceptional user experience by keeping current with Android industry trends to ensure that their clients are still one step ahead of the competition.

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